Pentecost comes early this year, as Easter came early. It is one of my favorite times in the liturgical year. The Spirit descends on waiting disciples, amazed and inspired by the resurrection and lost because Jesus is no longer with them in the flesh. Then it happens. The Spirit comes with power and the work begun by Jesus is in his followers’ hands: preaching the good news of God’s love and presence with us, declaring god’s impartiality and love of all humanity, expanding the community. They come to life.

Alice Hagemann, part of our retired minister’s group, reminded us that it is a tradition for Christians to fly a kite at Pentecost. I hear the song from May Poppins, “Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height,… up in the atmosphere, up where the sky is clear…” Flying a kite, we stand on this good earth and send our kites, our spirits, soaring up to meet the Spirit, knowing full well that the Spirit is already right here in our world, among us and in us.

So it is spring. The earth is greening. We emerge out of semi-hibernation and  feel the Spirit rising and descending like the sun and moon and the rain and tides. Of course, God is a God for all seasons. And like the air, She is with us always, her power enlivens, heals, challenges, and like the earth, She supports us all the day and night long.

A Spring Spirit Reflection