We at First Presbyterian Church are beginning a new phase in our ministry. We are a small community with open hearts and minds, ready to welcome others to our community. We know we have a ministry in this place and invite others to join us in helping that ministry take shape.

  • We have a talented musician as our director of music.(see her bio.)
  • We have accomplished co-pastors to lead in worship and serve our pastoral needs. (see their bios.)
  • We have committed lay leaders to move us ahead.
  • We are a growing congregation committed to being a faithful expression of the universal church.

At First Presbyterian Church, we are:


At FPCW, we believe that the model that has been offered to us in Jesus Christ leads us to welcome all people in love regardless of age, race, class, physical ability, gender-identity, or sexual orientation. As such, we seek to provide a friendly and nurturing environment that is sensitive to the spiritual needs of all.


We are people on a journey. We come in faith that is open to new insight, we come believing with doubts and questions, we come in gratitude and thanksgiving even as we seek the will and way to cope with life’s difficult times.


FPCW is part of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. Presbyterians are distinctive in two major ways: we adhere to a pattern of religious thought known as Reformed theology and a form of government that stresses the active, representational leadership of both ministers and church members. The major tenets of our faith are God as creator, redeemer, and savior, the centrality of scripture, the importance of participation in community, the sanctity of every individual person, and the priesthood of all believers.

We are affiliated with More Light Presbyterians, an organization dedicated to the full inclusion of transgendered, lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals in the life and leadership of the Presbyterian Church (USA). And traditions.

As Presbyterian we recognize a bond with all religious traditions and secular organizations with whom we share common commitments to improving our human condition, promoting justice, protecting the earth, and seeking peace.


We are open to Christians of all backgrounds and learn from their experiences.

Eco-Stewards: Our belief in a loving, creating God leads us to see ourselves as responsible for the care of God’s creation: the earth. Our commitment to being good eco-stewards manifests itself in a variety of ways including: implementing various earth friendly practices within our church including recycling, composting, and using earth friendly products, starting small organic gardening boxes in our front yard. These are just a few ways we show our gratitude and care for creation.

Justice Focused, Inclusive, Peace Oriented, and Global

We believe that God calls us as Christians to work to promote justice and end oppression, poverty and violence both at home and abroad. We are committed to being inclusive in worship. For this reason, we support both local and international mission, including a missional partnership with a church in Laos seeking to provide for those in need.


We see supporting the arts as one way we can help build community around us and within our congregation. It is this that lead us to support efforts such as hosting the Oasis Gallery.