We are in the season of light, a time of waiting for the gift of Light and Life that comes through the birth of Christ.  Emanuel, God with us. Amazing.

Every Advent season we light candles that circle the Advent wreath. Four of them for the four weeks of Advent.  Then when Christmas comes, we sing “Joy to the World” as we light the center candle, Christ has come. Christ comes. Christ is coming.

In our home, we put lights in the window. For me, they represent warmth in the midst of cold winter nights. They represent peace in our world shaken by violence. They represent trust that we, each one are pregnant with the life of God.

Look at the lights of all kinds that shine in this season and let your hearts be touched with love, God’s eternal love, our human loves, the love we have for this tiny planet that harbors life. At night look for the faithful moon and the sparkling stars. In the daytime, give thanks for the sun.

The day is dawning and our feet are being guided in the way of peace.