A few days ago, we had spring weather and then it turned cold again and winter weather reappeared. March is like that.  Life is like that too with its ups and downs.  The truly good news about Easter is that Jesus is alive, now and always. The power of God’s love is constant and always with us, ready to celebrate with us when times are good and lift us up when we suffer set backs and loss. It surrounds us like the air we breathe.

God’s love is with us in all seasons; it shines in the darkness and brings peace and shelter in the brightness of light. God’s love gives life.  God’s love rolls away the stones that keep us captive to the forces of  death.  God’s love is healing.

And here’s the thing: When we share and spread God’s love, when we join the positive energy that comes to us from God’s life giving Spirit, it affects the world for the good. We carry the transformative power of resurrection in our hearts. That power gives us hope when life seems overwhelming. That power enables us to live each day, with all its ordinary tasks, with steadiness and gratitude.

Come celebrate Easter with us!

Rev. Patricia Kepler

Pastor’s Easter Reflection