Dear Church Community, Colleagues and Friends
Tom and I are finishing our work here at First Presbyterian and will retire as of June 30, 2016. I write these words with mixed emotions. I am sad to be leaving a ministry that has held so much meaning for us with people whom we have come to love and care about deeply. I am also ready to return to family, friends and projects that have too often been neglected during our time in Waltham.
Mostly, and above all, we are grateful for First Presbyterian Church, the South Side Coalition, and the Ministerial Association in Waltham. With Pastor Sylvia Johnson at Beth Eden we say, “To God be the glory.”
Desiree Bernard, who has been our outreach and media consultant for many months, will also be moving on with her partner Tiffany, to new ministries. We are grateful for her presence and gifts, and wish her God’s grace in all she does.
If there are those reading this who do not know the First Presbyterian Church of Waltham, if you care about justice and peace and want a place to worship where all are truly welcomed, you will be at home there. Our talented music director is outstanding and her music is beautiful and inspiring!
The congregation is amazing and talented, and though small, is growing in all spiritual ways and committed to growing in numbers.
Yesterday was the first day of summer. In July the summer schedule of the South Side Coalition begins. Soon, a new Pastor will be in place. Exciting new times and new beginnings!
Last night I, Pat, stood outside and looked at the full strawberry moon falling on the summer solstice for the first time in 49 years. It was a breath taking site, and somehow, though it is shining on the whole world, I always feel its glow shining for me. Our time in Waltham has been full and wonderful. Soon there will be a new moon and with it the beginning of a new season for First Pres. Whenever I look up into the sky the moon is there, even when I don’t see it. And, from our vantage point, at least, it is cycling through its seasons. Constancy and change. And connections the world over. What is the summer solstice for us in the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere.
May the new moon bring great promise and joy to First Pres and all those in Waltham who seek to serve the good.

Pat and Tom

First Presbyterian Church Transitions into Summer and Beyond