Members of the South Side Coalition of Churches will open Lent next week with a Ash Wednesday service. The service will take place just before our regular Bible Study time on February 10. Bible Study starts at 7:30pm; Ash Wednesday observance will take place at 7pm.

Lent is a period of spiritual discipline which leads to Easter celebrations. Observing the period of Lent can be a meaningful way for followers of Christ to draw nearer to¬†God’s abiding presence, adding depth and richness not only to the celebrations of Easter, but to our daily lives along the way.

In summary:
What: Ash Wednesday Service
When: Feb 10, 2016; 7pm (before Bible Study)
Where: Beth Eden Baptist Church
84 Maple St., Waltham, MA, 02453


Lent Begins with Ash Wednesday on February 10