As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I find my heart filled with gratitude for so many things, and I am glad for this season when we can collectively give thanks. We can focus on all that is good and lifegiving. We can stop and praise God, or, praise whatever life force we believe in. Our collective gratitude can multiply the peace that passes understanding.

If I am honest, I come to this time of Thanksgiving with some anxieties and many prayers over the state of our world, and my heart aches for all who suffer. Yet, acknowledging these things, I pause and focus on all that calls for a grateful heart. Maybe out of our grateful hearts can come the love and resolve that helps heal the world.

Won’t you, with us, count your blessings in this Thanksgiving season? Every night, speak them or write them down. Rejoice in them. Offer profound thanks and pray that good may multiply and God’s love uphold us and prevail.